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Field Representatives, please use the form below in order to register your membership with Stealth Field Service Enterprises. 
Please complete in it's entirety. 

Why should you become a member and why will this service work for you?  Quite simply, this membership fee that you will pay is cheaper than any other advertising or method of receiving additional work that you have ever tried.  Your cost for your membership is approximately 16 cents per day.  We have been in your situation, as well as the situation of the hiring companies.  You want additional work with companies that pay, and the hiring companies want professionals that do quality work.  Additionally, hiring companies and firms are looking for every way to keep their costs down, and with this service being free to them, there is no doubt that they will use the service.

We are unlike other companies where you get your membership free and they try to sell you everything under the sun.  We do one thing here, and that is to put field professionals with hiring companies that want professionals.  We will not and do not sell materials on how to, and where to look, and put you on a list with thousands of other agents that are out of business or dead.  Our database is almost 100% accurate, with professional field representatives that are in business and know what they are doing.  No training and no other sales for you.  If you go out of the business, you stop paying your membership fee.  That is how we keep an accurate list. 

When a hiring company or firm requests a field representative for a specific service and a specific zip code, we provide them with a PDF report that list all of the agents that cover that zip code and perform that specific service.  In addition, all field representatives are rated by the hiring companies.  That is the only requirement of the hiring companies and firms.  In that manner, the field representatives who do their job and perform their services in a timely and professional manner are rated the highest and moved to the top of the list.  All field representatives are rated between 1 and 5, with five being the highest rating.  All field representatives start at a 4 initially, and after receiving their first three ratings from the hiring companies or firms, their file is reviewed and if all three ratings are a 5, the agent is immediately moved to a rating of 5.  You may request a review at any time. 

Additionally, the PDF report will also include an additional section.  The second section of the report will include field representatives that cover the specific area but do not perform the requested service.  With this section of the report, if there are no adequate field representatives listed in the first part of the report, the hiring companies or firms can see if there are any field representatives that might be able to assist them who would be capable of performing the service requested.  In other words, maybe a hiring company or firm is looking to have a door knock performed, but there is no one in the area registered with us, but you are a process service registered in the area.  The hiring company or firm may contact you to see if you would like to perform the service, which I am sure that you would have no problem with if the fee was adequate.

And finally, the third part of the PDF report will list any field representatives providing any service within a 100 mile radius of the zip code requested.  Remember, the hiring companies and firms are looking for agents that are close, who perform the services they need in a timely manner, and they are also looking at your rating. 

We will continue to search for new hiring companies and firms for you daily.  We will make phone calls, send snail mailings, as well as massive email campaigns in order to find new hiring companies and firms for you.  We will request hiring companies and firms from you that you use.  Some of you will provide us with the information, and then some of you will not - feeling that you may lose work.  Remember, if you are a professional in your field, no hiring company or firm is going to look to replace you.  We will seek out real estate companies, courts, attorneys, field service companies, banks, finance companies, credit unions, auto dealers, etc., all to get you more work from more professional hiring companies and firms.

In addition to all of that, we will stand behind our service for you.  If you are not included on any PDF reports to hiring companies or firms within one year, we will refund your $60 (or$55 if paid annually).  We can't make it any easier than that.  So stop looking for companies to do work for, and let us do the work for you in order that you can start working back out in the field doing what you do best.
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